We have added a new tab in the Trading UI (Advanced Trade), designed to help Members understand the collateral required to enter into a Bounded Futures position as well as the potential return based on the current price.

  1. Navigate to the Trading UI (Advanced Trade).

  2. On the tab menu located on top of the chart, select Bounded Futures.

  1. Click on the Edit Button.

  1. Select the contracts you are interested in by clicking on the checkbox. You can use the search bar and the simple filters to easily locate the Bounded Futures based on expiry.

Not sure how to read the contract symbol? See our FAQ here

  1. The selected Bounded Contracts will appear, one on each row on the table along with all the relevant information, as described in the Glossary section below.

  1. On the “I am a” column, select on whether your intention is to buy or sell the contract in order to see the funds that would be required to trade and potential return.

  1. See the Glossary below to find information on the meaning of each of the columns.

  2. Click, drag and drop on the 3 dots on the left-hand side in order to move the rows and sort them per your preference.

  3. To remove a Bounded Contract, click on the Edit button again and un-check the contract(s) to be removed.

More information can be found on our Bounded futures page and by searching our FAQ.


  • Product: Product Symbol

  • Contract: Contract Symbol

  • Expiry: Time until the contract expires

  • Bid Qty: Number of contracts currently available at the Bid Px 

  • Bid Px: Current best bid price

  • Ask Px: Current best offer price

  • Ask Qty: Number of contracts currently available at the best Ask Px

  • Last: Last traded price

  • Boundaries: Lower Boundary / Upper Boundary of the corresponding contract

  • I am a: Specify if your intention is to Buy or Sell the contract in order to see the collateral required and the potential return

  • $ Per Lot: Collateral in $ for buying or selling one contract. This value is the maximum loss you can incur if the price moves against you all the way to the opposite boundary. The remainder of the collateral, if any, will be returned upon closing the position

  • Max Payout: Maximum amount of profit you can realize if the price moves in your favor all the way to or beyond the relevant boundary. This amount does not include the posted collateral

  • Max ROI: Maximum Return on Investment in percentage terms, calculated as the ratio between the Max Payout and the $ Per Lot cost of opening the position